Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can change form. From a solar cells fueling your projects or just using a standard battery... having power is a must.

Sewable CR2032 Battery Holder

This battery holder is by far the easiest way to add a battery to a small wearable project.


Round Solar Panel Skill Badge - 5V / 40mA

This skill badge is a self-fulfilling one! Normally you would get the badge after the project is done, but in this case, the badge can be part of the project!


Flexible 6V 1W Solar Panel

This flexible easy-to-use solar panel is a great addition to your next solar powered project.


USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger - v2

Make your projects to go green this summer with our specialized USB/Solar Lithium Ion Polymer Battery charger!


Adafruit Micro Lipo - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - v1

Oh so adorable, this is the tiniest little lipo charger, so handy you can keep it any project box! Its also easy to use.


Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 2500mAh

The output ranges from 4.2V when completely charged to 3.7V. This battery has a capacity of 2500mAh for a total of about 10 Wh.


Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 1200mAh

The output ranges from 4.2V when completely charged to 3.7V. This battery has a capacity of 1200mAh for a total of about 4.5 Wh.


2 x 2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder - 6V output with On/Off switch

This tiny coin cell battery holder is ideal for small portable or wearable projects. It holds two 20mm coin cells (2032 are the most popular size) in series to generate 6V nominal.


Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Our new branded resistor kit comes with 25 each of 20 different resistor values (including 0Ω links!). All of these resistors are stapled into a tri-fold pack and clearly labeled


Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 500mAh

Lithium ion polymer (also known as 'lipo' or 'lipoly') batteries are thin, light and powerful. The output ranges from 4.2V when completely charged to 3.7V. This battery has a capacity of 500mAh for a total of about 1.9 Wh.


12V EL wire/tape inverter

his is an inverter for EL wire and tape, similar to our pocket inverters, except it is a brick that takes 12V input instead of 2 AA batteries. This means its good for 'fixed' installations since you can just plug it into a 12V wall adapter. It's also good for portable projects where you want to have a big battery pack like a 8xAA holder which will last 4-5 times longer than just 2xAA's.


LiPo Charger Basic - Micro-USB

If you need to charge LiPo batteries, this simple charger will do just that, and do it fast! The LiPo Charger Basic is stripped down of all features and just does one thing well - charge 3.7V LiPo cells at a rate of 500mA per hour.


USB MicroB Plug Breakout Board

5 pins with a vertical microUSB connector for all your prototyping needs.


EL Inverter - 3v

EL inverters allow you to drive EL wires. This particular EL inverter accepts 3V input and outputs 110VAC to drive EL wire. The wires both terminated with JST PH connectors. These are designed to plug directly into our EL Escudo or EL Sequencer. You can drive EL wires with them directly, but you may need to re-terminate them.


PicoBuck LED Driver

The PicoBuck LED Driver is an economical and easy to use driver that will allow you to control and blend three different LEDs on three different channels.