Congratulations to the dLux media arts organisation on its huge successful sARTorial fashion show held this September 2016.

These are brilliant artist who are redefining Art & Fashion through the use of wearable technology.

Microwear is very honoured to be one of the sponsors of this event and meeting some of the lovely ladies on the team. Hi Tara and Nelia :)



sARTorial_DuskDevi_8_210916  sARTorial_DuskDevi_9_210916   sARTorial_DuskDevi_5_210916

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Facebook page of dlux media arts

Our day to day work relies heavily on electronic gadgets and this includes Apple products. And when a breakdown occurs (well.. minor ones)...... its Sugru to the rescue. What we love about Sugru is its as awesome as Blu-Tack (as most Australians would agree) where you could mould it into any shape you want, but with an added advantage that it sticks well to most surfaces and the mould retains its shape permanently. Its popular for DIY-ers as its like a Blu-Tak & Duct Tape all in one plus more. Here's some examples on how you can use it.

Fix a charger headphones


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I previously watched a Q&A tv show on the ABC channel and saw their guest utilising wearable technologies into their daily lives. I'm so impressed and decided to search for a youtube clip that shows how wearable technology greatly improved the way they live.



 draft punk medium           draft punk

Keen on building your own Draft Punk Helmet? These step by step tutorial from the instructables website would help you go around the world with this helmet.. Enjoy!

This Instructable will detail the process of creating your very own Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk helmet. While this tutorial may seem specific to Thomas Bangalter's helmet in particular, there are many processes involved within that will be helpful to anyone looking to get into prototype making as well as some electronic work. Click here to read more.


    finger puppet  

I stumbled into this finger puppet project at the bareconductive website. Thought its a fun project to do with your kids specially on this upcoming father's day. Here's the link to this tutorial.

At the end of this tutorial you will have added a switch to the mouth of these these finger puppets using Electric Paint. When the mouth is closed your dinosaur’s eyes, horns, nostrils, or ears will light up. Use the templates shown here or design your own!